About the Author

     Pam’s first love dumped her for another girl after six months. She was vindicated (and quite delighted) when, less than a week later, he was on a date with his new girl and left his dad’s Cadillac parked in such a way it was hit by a train.

     At various times in her life, Pam has wanted to be a veterinarian, an international lawyer, and forensic physicist. In alternate universes, Pam would be a mechanic, a baker, and a musician. In the years to come, Pam wants to be a professional student, a cowgirl, and a New York Times bestseller.

     Pam is a complete and total tea slut. She purchases her favorite flavors by the pound and is known to make her own blends incorporating flavored syrups and creamers, whole spices, and powdered mixes into existing brews.

     Pam currently lives in the southwest with her very own Prince Charming and is working concurrently on her next dark Victorian romance, fairy tale revenge thriller, and some wild and nerdy erotica. She is perpetually exhausted and disgustingly happy.